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There comes in a time in many of our lives when we know that we need to make a difference to the way that we look, however knowing it and doing something about it are 2 very different things. Often people know that they are unfit and overweight but have a list of excuses as long as your arm as to why they haven't done anything about it. Truth is that losing weight is hard because it is about changing your life style in the long run, which takes a lot of will power.

It often takes intervention from an outside source to help give us the motivation that we need in order to make a change and improve our lives for the better. What many of us are unsure about is how exactly to seek this help and what type of help we should seek.

It may seem extreme but boot camp is an excellent way to do this. A fitness boot camp usually lasts a week and in that week you are taught new skills and a new way of life. Of course the boot camp is all about working you hard while you are there - you will go back thinner than when you arrived but it is also about teaching you new habits, so that you can continue this new regime when you get home.

The great thing about boot camp is that once you are there everything is taken care of for you. This means that your schedule and fitness routine are decided, your meals and prepared and taken care of and even your transport to and from the boot camp can be arranged. This leaves with you with no stressful decisions so you can get on with enjoying yourself at the boot camp and taking in all of these new skills and habits that you have picked up while you are there.

Boot camp may seem like an extreme option and in some ways it is .However it is just a week away from home, in a new environment where you can learn from skills professionals where you are going wrong with your diet and eating habits and how you can turn that around to make a positive change to your life.
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Boot Camp

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This article was published on 2010/10/09