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It's time to shed some light on our boot camp putting the fearful minds at rest who think boot camp isn't for them or just keep putting it off, and hopefully by the time you finish reading this article you'll be banging on the door at the next session, leaving with a bright red face dropping with sweat, where you've just given it 100% of your hard earned energy 500+ calories gone in a flash, and you'll leave loving the experience and wanting more. That will never happen to me?! I hear you say.

Why not - boot camp isn't only about having a semi mad instructor demanding more from you, we'll see it as a journey. Actually we'll see it as three possible journeys one of which we'll look at you going to the gym alone for a workout next is watching some repeat on the box, and the last we'll look it coming to boot camp for a session.

First off you grab your sweats and hit the gym; you've got your programme card in hand which was reviewed 6 months ago, which you think is ok as you do an extra rep or set every now and then. You suddenly realised you're forgotten your book at home so you quickly nab a gossip magazine to read on the recumbent bike from the gym's reception. Now having a read at the gym hasn't always been the case you seem to remember when you first started things where a lot harder, the simple fact is your programme is just too easy for you now and investing in a personal trainer is far too expensive and didn't even cross your mind. But every now and then you cross paths with Bob/Barbara and join them for a workout which takes twice as long due to all that chit chat about laws of science and the crazy ass diets you've just discovered, which is giving you a flap of skin hanging over your pants. It costs about £50 a month all in.

Next up is the I will go boot camp one day but that repeat of some vaguely interesting program is on TV and you just can't miss it, or Saturday morning boot camp is at 9.30am and I'm still far too hangover from last night's out on the lash session to be asked, it was a free bar and I needed to stock up on extra fat and an endless amount of empty calories. My gut just isn't big enough to worry right now and I'll skip a few meals to make up for it promise, and I did do a gym session with Bob/Barbara this week and my biceps and triceps are still hurting, I done really well.

Now one day you finally get the helping hand you need, Bob/Barbara says let do that boot camp you keep telling me about, I'll pick you up at 9.15 at your place and we'll head down there together. Success you're ready, now you feel a bit scared as the name boot camp sounds a bit ominous and you don't quite know what to expect. But during the session you're joined by loads of first timers going through the exact fear. You talk to them and you're now a team and band of get fitters who will motivate and will each other on. The instructor isn't as bad as you think, you see some funky looking exercises which sure feels like you're hitting every muscle in your body and some exercises which put you in teams, and then your turn comes up and you sprint give it your 100% because you know you've got your band of get fitters willing you on, and they don't care if you come back first or not. You leave the session with a bright red face dropping with sweat feeling worked, motivated and with a bunch of new friends. Did you have a good workout and have fun? This first session was free and you then decide you going to try and make a session a week from now on.

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Group Performance Training - Boot Camp

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This article was published on 2010/03/28