The Truth Behind The Boot Camp Fitness

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A fitness boot camp may be best defined as physical conditioning camp for a group of people aimed at shedding of excess fat, training of muscle strength, increasing of cardiovascular efficiency, introducing a balanced low calorie diet plan and an overall lifestyle change. There is a variety of fitness boot camps of different durations but all of them are invariably designed to push the participants harder into a rigorous physical exercise that almost resembles a military boot camp.

Most fitness boot camps are typically managed by qualified physical training instructors, gym specialists, and retired military personnel. There is no denying that instructors in many fitness boot camps are very demanding and act like drill sergeants. But, you must be prepared to obey and behave in a disciplined way if you want to join a fitness boot camp. Fitness boot camps are not for the less serious people who are not wholly determined to develop physical fitness.

While attending a fitness boot camp, you will be required get up early to run sprints, plyometric, interval training, jogging, pushups, squats, lunges, ski prep, bicycling, soccer playing and perform various styles of scientifically devised calisthenic exercises with little or no respite between exercises. These boot camp fitness classes are indeed result-oriented and that have therefore grown in popularity over the years.

Fitness boot camps admittedly offer a new and innovative way to obtain a low-cost and efficient workout. Many well-known fitness boot camps do not merely concentrate on physical workouts and nutrition advice, but go beyond and include in their program yoga and meditation.

Most successful fitness boot camps believe in creating a spirit of teamwork and group support and interaction amongst participants. To better achieve this, some fitness boot camps have started conducting programs for specific groups with a common goal. Some specialized fitness boot camps include - Sports specific boot camps, Women-only fitness boot camp, Kids fitness boot camp, Fitness boot camps for senior citizens, Weight loss boot camps for the obese, boot camps for brides etc.

The groups of participants enrolled in a fitness program can be all female, all male, both genders, colleagues, or complete strangers. The idea is that every participant works at his/her own pace but they team up and work towards the same goal. Participants get motivated as they make friends with their peers and interact and socialize as they exercise together.

Every boot camp program obviously has its own special features that are influenced by the quality of the trainer, the ambience in which the program takes place and the participants involved in the program. Members of fitness boot camps are usually tested at the admission stage and then re- assessed at the end of the camp period to measure the results.

But to derive optimum benefits, you must take care to select the right fitness boot camp that specifically meets your fitness needs. Please make it a point to check how reputed and reliable are the people running the fitness boot camp and enquire about their track record. By joining a wrong fitness boot camp you may end up wasting time and losing money and without getting any tangible enduring results.
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The Truth Behind The Boot Camp Fitness

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This article was published on 2011/01/03